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Well, I originally had a few drafts I was going to finish up for today . . . but things happen.  So instead, we have a random list of observations/thoughts for today. An actual post will be up tomorrow instead.

  • WordPress updated to a new version today.  I of course instantly upgraded.  I of course did not back up the old installation.  As a result, when we realized that no matter how cool the new admin menus were, they didn’t mean much when we couldn’t write anything, we also realized we couldn’t go back to the old system.  After maybe an hour of looking around online, we found that another plug-in the site uses was conflicting with the new back end, and all was cleared up.
  • I think the most convincing argument that Tab and Diet Coke both taste horrible is that it seems to be the drink of choice for chain smokers.  When I was 14, I had my very first girlfriend.  Her mom smoked like a chimney.  Walking towards their house was much like walking through Chernobyl, in that your would randomly hit pockets of tar flavored air and know that your life had just been shortened by it.  She drank Diet Coke like she’d die without it.  Since then, I’ve noticed that if a person has a Tab, or a goes through a great amount of Diet Coke, chances are good that in their other hand is a cigarette.  How else could you stand that flavor unless all you can normally taste anyway is ash.  And for anyone who says they need to drink it because they are trying to lose weight; it’s not the sugar in the soda that’s fattening, it’s the soda in the soda!
  • I’m beginning to think that Carl has been in every Star Trek related comic online.  It’s actually a little eerie.

    Carl denies the Borg
    Carl denies the Borg


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  • I need to start collecting my royalty check for all of my appearances.

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